Darkroom artist Mikael Siirilä

In short

I am a darkroom artist based in Helsinki, Finland. My work revolves around themes such as outsiderhood, absence and presence. I am a member of the international film photography collective AllFormat.

"Mikael has a minimalist and reductionist approach to photography. In his stunning abstract compositions, Mikael eliminates identifiable places and characters in order to encourage an intellectual reading of the picture and to let us imagine what is going on outside the frame. In this way, looking at his pictures, we are confronted with highly evocative images that transcend space and time."
— Analog Magazine, Issue 7 (2018)


I collect fragments and authentic observations from my daily life and travels and recontextualise them in the darkroom. I seek singular self-contained images that resist narrative and verbal expression.

The darkroom

Craft is inseparable from my photography. I work solely with black & white film and the darkroom. The darkroom is a space for reflection, introspection, and continuous learning. A photograph as a physical object is the final form of my work. Learn about the silver gelatin process.

How to buy

I sell silver gelatin photographs directly to cover growing expenses of the practice. Each image is handmade in the darkroom on fibre-based paper and treated for archival permanence. Photographs are stamped, numbered, and signed on the back. Please allow 1-2 weeks for preparation and shipping. Check the catalogue or contact for pricing.


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